How to forward emails to multiple accounts in Google’s Gmail

1. From your gmail, click on the gear icon at the upper right hand corner then click on, “settings” as seen below:


2.  From the settings page (below), click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”


3.  Click on “Add a forwarding address”.  This is where you will go through the steps to add each email to a “list” that you will eventually chose from to do the forwarding.  Unfortunately, you will have to repeat the process from begin to end for each email.




4.  At this point, confirmation email is sent to the email that you want to forward to.  The email contains the code that you will need to input in the “verify” box of the forwarding step (below).  Repeat steps 3-4 to add additional email addresses that you want to forward to.


5.  Then select the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and select the drop-down box to select the primary forwarding email address.  At this point, Google only allows you to forward to one email address.  So in order to work around that, Google let’s you use a filter.  So click on “creating a filter!” hyperlink (as seen below).


6.  From this window, place an asterisk * in the “To” field.  This signifies “anyone”.  Then click, “Create filter with this search” hyperlink, which will take you through a couple confirmations.




7.  Then from here, select “Forward  it to:”.  Then click on the drop-down and you will see a “list” of forwarding addresses that you had created prior.  Select which email address you want to forward to.  Then click on “Create filter” button.


8.  It will then bring you back to the, “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” page.  You will also notice on the very top of the page there is a message confirming your setup.  It states as follow, “Your filters are forwarding some of your emails to…”


…you will have to repeat these step to forward to additional email addresses that you have entered to the “list”.


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He’s Dead, Jim!


Aw he dead!  A client of mine had above message in Google Chrome that rendered Chrome unusable.  The following are the symptoms:

-Client launches Chrome and it load to “He’s Dead, Jim!” page

-Opens new tab and gets same message

-Goes to any website and gets same message

-Attempted to access Chrome extension to but it’s in accessible (it just flashes)

-Attempted to set Chrome back to default but it’s in accessible (it just flashes)

-Virus/malware scans results were clean -Reinstalled Chrome (but He’s still dead Jim!)

Resolution: Do a clean uninstall of Chrome using iObituninstaller (it’s free).  It will remove all traces of an installed program, down to the registeries. It can be found here, Then reinstalled Chrome, issue resolved!

After thought:

If you have favorites you want to save, try to save them. Since it cannot be backup the normal way, you would have to get it from here, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default *Just copy and paste above address to Control Panel address bar.


As of this writing, there were a lot of documentations out there about how to resolve it but they seem to be pointing to memory related issues/fixes (google forum, youtube, etc). But I didn’t feel like spending to much time on tracking it down and it didn’t seem to fit the issue that my client had.

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